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Terms and Conditions

Updated March 2019

Introduction: Any transaction or order with ProTec will be subject to the following terms & conditions forming a "contract" for the sale of goods or services.

1: Charges & payment

1.2: Payment is required immediately before or upon collection of goods/vehicle, no credit is given without an approved credit account. In the event of non-payment interest is charged daily @ 1.5%

1.3: Parts or services of high value, all electrical & special ordered non stock items require a non-refundable deposit & are non returnable.

1.4: Returned parts for credit note are subject to a 15% handling charge, ALL electrical, keys, VIN number specific or special ordered non-stock parts are NON-returnable & Non-refundable.

1.5: Exchange units are subject to a surcharge which is refunded on receipt of the exchange part.

1.6: ProTec reserves the right to charge for storage if any vehicle is left on our premises for a length of time without prior agreement. Charged daily @ 1.5% of invoice amount.

1.7: The term "check" means check only, "repairs" are charged additionally to checks.

1.8: Quotations are only valid for 30 days. We can only honour a quote that we have diagnosed ourselves. Web or phone quotations could be subject to change after vehicle has been fully inspected.

2: General terms

2.1: If you require to supply "NON-GENUINE" or supply your own parts from elsewhere, any "INCORRECT" or "FAULTY" parts supplied will be charged labour again if they fail or are incorrect after fitting. Labour charge is fully covered if ProTec supply the parts.

2.2: Protec always quote for OE (Original Equipment) parts. We can sometimes offer alternative quotes or prices to meet the customers individual needs or requirements. Alternative cheaper parts may be available for certain repairs. If individual pricing options are required, please enquire? Protec Automotive will always try to beat any “Like for Like” written quotes. Generally, you get what you pay for and the cheapest price is normally the cheapest quality parts. If comparing quotes, please ask what is included? Protec will not sacrifice the high standards of our work by using poor quality parts.

2.3: Vehicles left on site are left at the owner’s risk. All vehicles are inspected on arrival prior to work being started. Damage or belongings in the vehicle are NOT the responsibility of Protec.

2.4: Privacy: Any personal details collected by Protec will be used solely by us for their internal working practices only. By supplying contact details, the customer agrees to be contacted by us unless opting out. The purpose for collecting such information is to ensure that we keep accurate records and to effectively manage our relationship with customers. Personal data allows us to market & develop our services according to customer preferences. We process your personal data only for predefined and lawful purposes. Our customers and their data are extremely important to us; therefore, we make a high priority to ensure that we adhere to the legal requirements as to not share any personal data with any third-party without their consent unless the business is merged, dissolved or sold. All our customer data is stored and secure within our internal customer database and is only accessible by Protec employees. A periodic review is conducted to ensure that we lawfully storing your information for a legitimate reason. If there is no longer a requirement for us to hold such information, then all personal data relating to that customer will be permanently removed.

2.5: Published documents, prices or info are deemed correct & up to date at the time of publishing or listing only.

2.6: ProTec reserves the right to make changes to its website or Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.

2.7: Offers are only valid while published on the website or unless otherwise stated, i.e. expiry code. Offers need to redeemed at time of booking.

2.8: We highly recommend that wheel torque settings are re checked after 50 miles. We are happy to do this free of charge.

2.9: In depth diagnosis, which may require extended road tests to reproduce an intermittent fault will be advised beforehand, Fuel is chargeable to the customer.

2.10: Any additional or recommended work reported that isn’t carried out immediately or as recommended may void any warranty of components replaced. I.E Items that may have been advised to avoid any further repairs or consequential damage.

2.11: All warranty repairs must come direct to ProTec for assessment. If the vehicle is taken elsewhere or any work or inspection is made before ProTec, our warranty is then VOID.

2.12: In the unlikely event of a complaint it should be made in writing or by email to

2.13: Some advisory repairs declined by the customer, particularly safety related may require a signed disclaimer before the release of the vehicle. The definition of “Advisory” is... An item that is functioning correctly at the time of inspection but is either worn or deteriorated & may need attention immediately or soon after. (Safety related items marked as urgent)

2.14: Intermittent faults such as, Electrical, wiring, engine management, sensors or anything sporadic, we strongly recommend a 100-mile road test after any repairs carried out before returning the vehicle to the customer. We prefer to extensively test & quality check all repairs. If this is declined, then we take no responsibility for repeat repairs or consequential damage caused.

2.15: ProTec does NOT usually undertake work that has been previously looked at or repaired elsewhere for the same or similar issue. We are unable to guarantee the integrity of someone else’s work & unknown factors can affect our repairs due to the fact we haven’t seen the vehicle 1st hand. If we do undertake a job of this nature all repair history is required in the form of a questionnaire. Any missing or withheld information for any reason causing us to be misled in our investigations will be charged additionally to the customer for our wasted time.

3: Tele diagnosis (Trade customers only)

3.1: ProTec takes no responsibility for incorrect diagnosis as this service is only a guide. Correct test plan relies solely on the correct Information being supplied by the customer & is NOT a substitute for hands on checks. Also, this service requires a certain level of experience from the trade customer which limits the outcome depending on skill level.

3.2: We issue no refunds if a conclusive diagnosis is NOT reached. As above this service is only a guide. However, this process has a proven track record of working well.

3.3: We reserve the right to refuse a Telediagnosis session if we deem it not to be worthwhile.

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